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Practical Sustainability Course open for bookings

Posted by St Werburghs - 18/03/13 08:49AM - 0 Comments - news
Image The Practical Sustainability Course with Shift Bristol 3rd September 2013 to 25th July 2014 in Bristol.

A dynamic and holistic curriculum exploring Permaculture Design, Organic Horticulture, Energy, Woodland Management, Green Building, Soil and Ecological Interactions, Re-localisation, Group Dynamics and Community Engagement. Bringing together some of the UK’s most experienced tutors and practitioners to explore positive, creative and practical solutions towards a sustainable, community-led future. Talks, workshops, discussions, field visits, design projects and practical activities.

Tutors include Sarah Pugh, Patrick Whitefield, Tim Foster, Tony Wrench, Mike Feingold, Mike Feingold, Max Drake, Ben Law, Steve Pickup and many more.

Two and a half days a week for 40 weeks.
Cost £2450 to £2150 sliding scale.
Visit for details

““A fantastic learning experience throughout... a wide variety of modules, offering a complete picture of modern sustainability. “ “So much more than a great course...more of a life-shift”

Office Space at St Werburghs Community Centre

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Our Offices are currently full. Hot desks available

Weekly Evening Availability for Classes/Workshops/meetings:

Room 1 Main Hall:

Wednesday 8.30 to 10 pm
Friday 4:30pm onwards
Saturday 6pm onwards

Room 7:
Monday 7.30 to 10 pm
Wednesday 3 to 10 pm
Thursday 7.45 to 10 pm

Room 8:
Monday 5 to 8 pm
Wednesday 6 to 7.30 pm
Thursday 5 to 7 pm
Friday 2:30pm onwards
Saturday 5pm onwards

Room 9:
Monday 8.30 to 10 pm
Wed & Thu 5 to 6.30 pm
Friday 8:00pm onwards
Saturday 6:30pm onwards

Room 10:
Monday 5 to 10 pm

Room 12:
Tuesday 8.30 to 10 pm
Wednesday 8.15 to 10 pm
Saturday 7pm onwards

Please contact to book any of the above.

Don Foster Sees Community Spirit in Action in Bristol Published 4 October 2012

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Communities Minister Don Foster is in Bristol today seeing how the local community are stepping up and stepping in to take charge of treasured local facilities and provide vital services.

Visiting the St Werburghs Centre, the Minister was given a glimpse of community spirit in action, meeting the local residents who rely on the centre on a daily basis for services as well as a meeting place that welcomes the whole community. The centre is home to over 180 member groups and five tenant organisations who are working with the local community.

The visit comes two weeks after the Community Right to Bid came into force, giving communities the opportunity to 'stop-the clock' on the sale of valuable local assets and amenities like post offices, village shops or community pubs, giving them time to put in a takeover bid of their own and protect it for the wider community's benefit.

The new Right gives voluntary and community organisations and parish councils the opportunity to nominate an asset to be included on a list of 'assets of community value', pausing the sale of a successfully listed asset for six-months.

Communities Minister Don Foster said:

"Communities know their local areas best and that is why we are pushing power back to neighbourhoods.

"The St Werburghs centre is a great example of community spirit in action and testament of the determination and appetite of the local community to improve the places where they live and shape their future.

"The Community Right to Bid creates even more opportunities for people to step up and step in to save the facilities and buildings that are important to them, giving them the time to 'stop the clock' on sales so they have the time to get together a bid and ensure that prized local assets can live on, this time run by the local community for the local community"

Locality, in partnership with The Social Investment Business and Local Government Association are helping to support communities to take control of their local area. The My Community Rights advice service: (external link) and online hub gives step by step advice, breaking down the legislation, with inspiration and ideas on using the new Community Right to Bid to make sure local amenities stay in the hands of those who care about them most.

Steve Wyler, CEO, Locality said:

"The Community Right to Bid presents incredible opportunities for communities to retain land and buildings for local people - owned and used by those who value them most. Locality believes in community independence and will play a vital role empowering organisations and individuals to take control of their area.

"We are working with local authorities to create registers of 'assets of community value' and encourage people to get in touch through the advice service so that we can help them navigate the path to saving their local shop, the sports or community centre, green spaces "

The visit coincides with the launch new advice for local councils to ensure they have all of the information they need to support local communities in their Right to Bid.

Christmas Market 2012

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Saturday, 8th December 2012 10.30 am - 4.30 pm

Community Christmas Market at St Werburghs Centre

The Christmas Market is a great event each year, bringing in public for an alternative Christmas shopping day. Many items for sale were unique and hand-made by local residents and some stall holders were accepting Bristol Pound, in-keeping with the theme of staying local.

We had over 100 visitors within a short space of time, and nearly all were supportive in assisting with St Werburghs Community Centres consultation survey or attended the annual AGM, which took place on the same day.

This year we sold out of stalls in record time, we recommend contacting us from September 2013 to secure a stall for December 2013.

We hope to see you all again next year.


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